Tesco One Account

About the project

The sole purpose of this project was to create a common responsive UI for all customers using Tesco Groceries, Tesco Direct and Tesco Clubcard websites, allowing customers to register, sign in and access their account dashboard.

Previously to change or add new details to their accounts, customers needed to sign in to multiple websites. Working in weekly agile sprints in a cross functional team, we successfully delivered; Registration, Sign in, My account dashboard, Change password, Order a new Clubcard and Address book.

The Challenges

One of the biggest challenges with this project was the amount of other teams/services that were in involved in making this project work. This unfortunately meant a lot of what we were trying to achieve would be blocked, as a number of things needed to be "unlocked" before our engineers could implement changes, whether this meant legacy data removed, or new code added to allow us to progress.

Fortunately for me there was so much work on the UI side I was able to push forward and get a lot of the work done up front by working closely with my fellow UX designer we were able to get a lot of the design work completed.